About us

Hello, I am María, founder and promoter of escorts agency with years of experience in this sector. I started working as an operator, becoming a manager and even CEO of several Russian and foreign enterprises.

Unfortunately, in this field, the quality of the service leaves a great deal to be desired:

Have you experienced something similar?

You ask for the company of a young thin blonde-haired lady and instead of her, it’s her mother the one to come, a pretty lady too, but not the service you asked for.

They promise you that the meeting place will be full of luxury, private and quiet. Nevertheless, you found there a lot of more ladies and even another clients. Not an example of discretion, isn’t it?

You are offered a wide range of services, but on the other hand you don’t even receive a kiss or a smile, asking you to leave in the next 15 minutes.

Versed in this type of unpleasant situations, I dared to create this agency in which our main goal is that the client will receive the attention and the treatment that is deserved.

I offer a direct and trustful service to my clients, committing to offer what they demand. You can check our services and our ladies, who have been selected in a careful way, ensuring an excellent treatment.

Come to see us, you will not regret!